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Cattle Headlock/Free Stall

6m 7 Cow Cattle Headlocks CH007

6m 7 Cow Cattle Headlocks CH007


Cattle Farm 6m 7 Cows Cattle Headlocks

It is easy to lock or open when the cattle lower its head to feed , easy for the veterinarian to do such things as physical check up, immunity , artificial insemination , gestation checking, treatment, getting rid of the horns, procreation, reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency

1.Galvanized pipe,anti-corrosion and durable;

2.Adjustable neck bar - easily adjusts the neck spacing to fit cattle.;

3.The design of adjustable pole and support pole is scientific and reasonable, it make cows more comfortable;

4.Different type headlocks be offered to cows' in different period.

5.The size can be customized according to your requirement.